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Do you believe in miracles? Alan S. Charles does!

For years, he wanted to share what was going on behind his mask. He heard so many others talk about the fear and anxiety they lived with on a daily basis, but he never felt able to share his own fears until he faced his darkest self and came out on the other side—something that even he wasn’t sure he could do.

Today, Alan shares his message of recovery with audiences worldwide. While his specific struggle was with cocaine addiction, Alan knows that behind all addictions are root causes of fear, codependency, dysfunctional behavior, and coping strategies. Therefore, his message pertains to everyone who has ever felt how difficult or frightening life may be—namely, all of us. People cope in different ways—some through drugs or violence, others through overeating, excessive spending, gambling, or multiple other dysfunctional behaviors. These behaviors are meant to soothe, but ultimately, they become self-destructive. Even so, there is always a way to change and start again.

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Alan S Charles - Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life

I am a storyteller who has led an exceptional life where I learned vital lessons from unusual circumstances. I used innovative thinking and drew on reserves of courage, determination and self-belief to succeed - or sometimes just to survive. In my speaking engagements I share these life lessons and deliver them in an engaging way that is entertaining and meaningful. I adapt my personal stories to make them relevant and accessible to my audience.

I fire people up with enthusiasm, energize them to listen and learn, and infuse messages with the kind of humor that makes them laugh out loud and inspires them to want to do more, be more, and achieve more than they’ve even thought possible. The end result? A spirited, motivational and entertaining event that will have your next audience applauding YOU for making it happen. Read more

Sneak Peek of Walking Out the Other Side

Chapter 1 - The Basement

The first sign I had a problem was when the TV remote kept moving. Not that I couldn’t find it, not that I’d misplaced it—it moved. The cocaine stayed put, the tequila bottle didn’t budge, but the goddamn clicker was all over the place. I set it down on the coffee table in the living room and got up to go to the bathroom, and when I came back, it was gone. I went to the bathroom a lot. Besides the tequila, I drank orange juice and also water. I understood the importance of staying hydrated when on a run. The first time the remote moved, I thought it was just me. I may have been in denial about the drugs and alcohol, but this moving remote thing—man I was fucked up. I willingly admitted that much. The first time I found the remote on my nightstand in the bedroom and not on the coffee table, I chalked it up to being wasted. By the tenth time it happened, I knew it was something else. Like a message. Or a sign....


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Walking Out the Other Side by Alan S Charles

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