A Story of Triumph Over Addiction

If you were to guess that Walking Out the Other Side is another typical story about addiction and recovery you couldn’t be more wrong. There’s so much more to the story.


I began writing during 2014 and in many ways it was the most painful process, retelling the story of the people I had hurt, the trauma I had lived through and the wounds I needed to heal, most of all within myself. However in other ways, the book was liberating: I had lived behind this mask, and now I was allowing everyone I knew to get to know the real me. I no longer felt exposed; I felt free.


Between the lines of a story that included playing professional baseball, harness racing, death, the ups and downs of destructive drug use, failed relationships and a childhood that was forever changed by my father’s untimely death, is a story of commitment to rise above, to succeed and to love.


Picture of Alan Charles working with editing notesIt’s really everyone’s story to face struggles and not let them define you. To remove the burden of who we think others want us to be and be brave enough to say, “Hey, this is the REAL me” and deal with the consequences.


I’m blessed to say that in putting aside that mask, writing the book and sharing my story, I received an amazing gift of positive acceptance from friends, family and even the people I had hurt throughout my years of addiction. My hope and my challenge to you is to read it cover to cover and take your own walk out the other side.


Because I know there is so much more to YOUR story, and it’s time to tell it.


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