Press  (Ask Me anything ) - Ask Me Anything About Addiction  - My own channel and a weekly format  - started August , 2018


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Article, Reader's Digest, "8 Former Alcoholics Reveal Eye-Opening Lessons on Overcoming Addiction" - June 2018


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Tampa Catholic High School, Tampa, FL - August 23, 2017, Football program - Players, Coaches and Parents


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Reader's Digest - 8 Former Alcoholics Reveal Eye-Opening Lessons on Overcoming Addiction - April 17, 2017


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VoiceAmerica Variety - The Patricia Raskin Show: Addict's Journey Back to Life, Patricia interviews Alan S. Charles, author of Walking Out the Other Side: An Addict’s Journey From Loneliness to Life, his extraordinary comeback story - Monday, February 15, 2016


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Ho-Hum Salesman to Chariot Warrior by Corey Kilgannon published in The New York Times 06/12/2010



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