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 Alan S. Charles, author of “Walking Out the Other Side” has lived a remarkable, diverse, and full life. Perhaps most remarkable is that he is still alive after beating a 24-year addiction to cocaine. Clean and sober since December 2007, he is grateful to be alive today to tell his story, sharing his message of recovery as a motivational speaker. As someone who has lived through the horror of addiction, his presentations are honest, gritty and inspiring. His motivational message of empowerment, prevention and education can be yours, too - begin your story of triumph over struggle now!


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Alan speaking ot a groupAudiences call his presentations eye-opening, inspiring, helpful and uplifting. Alan’s story can help anyone - students, parents, athletes and coaches, companies and their employees - with an inspiring message of drug abuse prevention and education.



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Alan with his daughtersFather. Author. Former Professional baseball player. Professional harness race driver. Cocaine addict and survivor. Alan S. Charles is all of that, and has a story to share, from his childhood in Yonkers, to his eventual fall into the depths of addiction, and finally to the steps he took to walk out the other side and reclaim his life.



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Picture of Alan and his dog"As an educator in psychology, I admire Mr. Charles’ bravery in finding himself and then sharing that with others so that we can all benefit from Alan’s lived experiences. He is personable and relatable, and his honesty and passion kept my students' interest in his challenging journey.  For a difficult subject like addiction, he spoke frankly and plainly while sharing life lessons with all of us."



The Book


Walking Out the Other Side book cover"Riveting, fascinating read. Alan Charles has lived much of his life alone, but he has accomplished so much, from beating the odds and playing professional baseball to defeating his addictions. This is a remarkable comeback story that shouldn't be missed."

— Jon Hart, Author of Man versus Ball:
One Ordinary Guy and His Extraordinary Sports Adventures



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Alan at a table with Alice BloomAlan has been a frequent guest on recovery podcasts, news publications, television, and radio interviews. Watch, read or listen in on Alan’s most recent appearances to learn more about his story of addiction, recovery and motivation.



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