"Alan stole the show with his story. Our group of 75 high school student athletes, as well as coaches and staff sat silent for 2 hours while Alan brought them through his journey. By the end, there were tears, smiles and everything in-between. Many questions and personal stories followed, with Alan listening to each one with the empathy of only one who had 'been there, done that' could. If your group wants the hear the real story and how no one is immune from addiction, I highly suggest hosting Alan."

— Dan Martucci, President, Specialized Property Services, Inc.


"It was very hard not to cry listening to him speak — It was very moving...thanks Alan for sharing your story.  I never knew how dangerous drugs were...he is very brave."

— Jenny P., Bronx, NY


"As an educator in psychology, I admire Mr. Charles’ bravery in finding himself and then sharing that with others so that we can all benefit from Alan’s lived experiences. He is personable and relatable, and his honesty and passion kept my students' interest in his challenging journey.  For a difficult subject like addiction, he spoke frankly and plainly while sharing life lessons with all of us."

— James Y., Professor - Monroe College, Bronx, NY


"Great speaker with a very motivating message.  I’m so glad I was able to hear all of Alan's life challenges and obstacles.  This was a life-changing experience and a real eye opener."

— Emily R., Bronx, NY


"I had the pleasure of facilitating a 'Life Skills Program' for a group of 100 athletes and coaches in Tampa last week-end. Alan was the Keynote speaker and his presentation of Drug Abuse Awareness and Prevention was nothing short of marvelous. The way he brought in his personal story and related to a group of teenage boys and their situations from traps to peer-pressure was amazing. I would highly recommend Alan to speak to your group."

— Peter J. Mulry, President, Peter J. Mulry Foundation


"You really brought me to tears.  I stopped talking to my dad because he left our house because he was a drug addict.  I have been so angry at him.  By listening to your story - I was able to see that it was the drugs running his life and it wasn't really him.  I hope at some point I can repair my relationship with him.  You have shown me that people can change."

— Martin N., Saratoga, NY


"Alan Charles tells a very captivating story.  I’ve heard quite a few professional speakers while attending school but it was very clear that everyone was paying attention as you could hear silence and gasping as certain stories were shared.  Thanks for the motivation and encouragement that you shared, especially the part about never giving up."

— Kaitlin R., Dover, DE


"Alan, I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the speech you gave at the Tampa Catholic Football retreat in August. Your insight on sports and addiction gave these young men a lot to think about! Sharing your own personal experience gave them a real-life example of the dangers that lurk out there in the real world. Many of the stories you shared from your outstanding book, Walking Out the Other Side, will aid them along their path. Addiction is a brain disease that can be prevented and treated—your life story is proof of that! Best of luck always.

— Lou Maggio, Executive Producer, Maven Films LLC


"Alan Charles is very open about his experiences with drugs and alcohol.  He did an incredible job cutting right to the heart of the subject and how these situations nearly ended his life and virtually ruined all of his relationships. He also spoke about the challenges of his recovery.  One of the most inspirational messages I have ever heard."

— Emily R., Trenton, NJ


"His presentation was very informative and I enjoyed listening to his miraculous story.  It is pretty incredible that he was able to survive and turn his life around.  Alan is a tremendous example and inspiration for anyone that has battled addiction."

— Jasmine B., Fairfield, CT


"An average guy with an amazing story of being in the depths of addiction, and finding his way out through faith and persistence. It really hits home that it can happen to anyone, anytime if they are in a vulnerable place, but is also inspiring that it doesn’t have to end there."

— Denise K., Mesa, AZ



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