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Alan tells his amazing story to audiences who have gained courage to understand and help a loved one recover, get rid of the shame of their own addiction, and to bring empathy that only someone who has lived as an addict can offer to others who struggle.


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He shares the key concepts that finally inspired him to take back his life:


Persistence: Never give up. Persist until you succeed. Deal with pain. Keep “throwing it against the wall.”


Focus: Pay attention. Focus on what is right, the “next indicated action.” Look for opportunities.


Willingness: Be open to trying new things, especially outside of your comfort zone. Be willing to make mistakes. Put your energy out into the world; it will lead you somewhere. Act as if.


Faith: Faith in self, faith in the universe (a Higher Power). Take risks; know that you will somehow “walk out the other side.” Listen to and trust the voice inside. Don’t be afraid to oversell yourself; you will always figure it out as you go.


Humility: ASK for help - it’s OK! We all need help. Don’t judge others; they are working out their own paths. Be grateful for what you have and for your accomplishments.


There is a life-affirming way to escape the stress, fear, loneliness, and pain of your existence. You too can WALK OUT THE OTHER SIDE! Alan can start you on your own journey there, no matter what struggles, obstacles or barriers are in your way. Or he can help you figure out what to do to help a loved one that is struggling with an addiction whether that means intervening or walking away.


Alan speaks to business organizations, schools and universities, parent groups, libraries, book clubs, and any audience of any size that may find his message beneficial. His relationship with athletics over the years also gives him a unique perspective to help coaches and athletic programs develop positive curriculum geared toward improving an athlete’s success in life. To determine whether Alan S. Charles and his message are a good fit for your group or audience, contact him today for a thirty-minute complimentary consultation.




























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Alan stole the show with his story. Our group of 75 high school student athletes, as well as coaches and staff sat silent for 2 hours while Alan brought them through his journey. By the end, there were tears, smiles and everything in-between. Many questions and personal stories followed, with Alan listening to each one with the empathy of only one who had 'been there, done that' could. If your group wants the hear the real story and how no one is immune from addiction, I highly suggest hosting Alan. — Dan Martucci, President, Specialized Property Services, Inc.
I had the pleasure of facilitating a 'Life Skills Program' for a group of 100 athletes and coaches in Tampa last week-end. Alan was the Keynote speaker and his presentation of Drug Abuse Awareness and Prevention was nothing short of marvelous. The way he brought in his personal story and related to a group of teenage boys and their situations from traps to peer-pressure was amazing. I would highly recommend Alan to speak to your group. — Peter J. Mulry, President, Peter J. Mulry Foundation
Alan, I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the speech you gave at the Tampa Catholic Football retreat in August. Your insight on sports and addiction gave these young men a lot to think about! Sharing your own personal experience gave them a real-life example of the dangers that lurk out there in the real world. Many of the stories you shared from your outstanding book, Walking Out the Other Side, will aid them along their path. Addiction is a brain disease that can be prevented and treated—your life story is proof of that! Best of luck always. — Lou Maggio, Executive Producer, Maven Films LLC